Your Blissful Career Purpose Is Already Inside of You! Let’s Work Together to Uncover Your Treasures!

Am I Supposed to Figure This Out All By Myself?

Trying to figure out your life long career can totally freak anyone out! There are so many choices and decisions to be made. So many questions run through your mind:

  • Is college really the next step for me?
  • If not college, then what?
  • What if I pick a career and don’t even like it?
  • Can I make a ton of money doing what I want to do?
  • Will my parents agree with my decisions?
  • If not, how am I going to explain my choices to them?
  • How do I get started on my chosen career path?

If you are finishing high school or beginning/finishing college and haven’t figured out your career goals and dreams, your Collegiate Career Coach is your new best friend!


Your first step will be to decide whether college is the next step on your career path. Your Collegiate Career Coach will work with you to assess who you really are, who you really want to be, and what you really do with your life.

Are You College Bound?

Here’s the game plan for you:

  • Choose a degree program that fits you
  • Choose a college that’s right for you
  • Go through the college application process with ease
  • Figure out the best way to pay for college based on your financial situation

Not So Much a College Fan?

Here’s the game plan for you:

  • Choose a career that fits you
  • Develop a winning cover letter and resume
  • Become interview savvy
  • Setup a plan for success and promotion


Your focus working with your Collegiate Career Coach is to become “career-ready” early, both inside and outside of the classroom. This puts you ahead of the game. Many junior and senior college students scramble to find a job as graduation approaches. That won’t be you!

You know why? Because you will already have worked with your Collegiate Career Coach on:

  • Knowing the right people through networking
  • Having an internship while in college
  • Developing a winning cover letter & resume
  • Using sharp communication skills inside & outside of your classroom to get what you want
  • Being interview savvy
  • Landing the job you want
  • Being prepared & ready in any economy
  • Set yourself for promotions & career advancement

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