Coach Mignon Brooks

Your Collegiate Career Coach

Mignon Brooks, Founder and President of Dream Purposefully Empowerment Services, knows all about finding fulfillment and purpose in a career. At Seton Hall University, Mignon changed her major in her junior year from criminal law to journalism because she was not feeling stimulated in her classes.

Upon graduation, she began her career as a journalist at the Bridgeton Evening News. Only six months later, Mignon became a staff writer for The Philadelphia Tribune, a prominent African American newspaper founded in 1884. In that position she reported on education and struggling schools being taken over by the State of Pennsylvania. Mignon became so passionate about the topic that she decided to get her master’s degree in adult education and work as an adjunct professor at Camden County College. Soon after she completed her degree, she was hired as a full-time professor in the Reading and Writing Skills Department. In this capacity, Mignon teaches basic literacy skills to adults continuing on to college level courses.

One day at the airport, waiting to board a plane, Mignon struck up a conversation with a woman who had a contagious amount of joyful energy. Through discussion, Mignon found out that the woman was a life coach and began to ask her questions about her job. Absolutely intrigued by the thought of empowering others, which was something Mignon already did at the college, she started her research to find out more about the field and pursued her education at iPEC Coaching. She is now certified as a Core Energy Coach and as a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership.

Our Purpose

Dream Purposefully Empowerment Services specializes in coaching college bound students, currently enrolled college students, and college graduates. We are committed to helping people live up to their potential and making their dreams a reality. We believe as long as you can dream it, you can do it. Our goals are to:

  • Empower you to look deep within yourself to uncover the career you really want
  • Align your career goals with who you really are and the passions inside of you
  • Figure out what obstacles have been standing in the way and break through them successfully
  • Create an individualized plan that moves you forward in accomplishing your goals

What Makes Our Process Unique?

While many coaches just listen to what it is you say that you want and get you to that goal, our process is much more in depth. Dream Purposefully Empowerment Services uses a coaching process that reveals more about who you truly are and what you really want by making you more conscious and self-aware. Many of us say that we want things, get them, and then realize we don’t want them. The inside-out coaching process will put you on your destined path with the confidence that you are making the right decisions that work best for you.

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