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ChemDraw ~ Favorite Things Series

Imagine the capability of sitting in a chemistry classroom where a professor flicks information to the students, and the students flick their answers right back to the professor.

Through the use of ChemDraw and Chem3D apps newest feature, Flick-to-Share, this is how Professor Layne Morsch conducted his Organic Chemistry class this summer at University of Illinois-Springfield. He armed his students with iPads, and then drawing structures and reaction mechanisms were freely being exchanged in and outside of the classroom.

“I really liked seeing my students involved and engaged.” Morsch said. “One hundred percent of them were engaged.”

Prior to using Flick-to-Share, Morsch said, he noticed that many of his students were hesitant to take down notes.

“A lot of students didn’t want to write the wrong thing in their notebooks,” he said.

Adding the technology component changed that fear. With the increase in participation, Morsch said, he would look at the information shared by his students and give them feedback immediately or right after class.

ChemDraw software has been a staple in the scientific world to draw and share chemical structures since it was first launched in 1986 by PerkinElmer. The expansion of this technology makes the capabilities accessible for anyone.

“The launch of ChemDraw and Chem3D technology in a mobile form is a major milestone in the field of scientific computing,” said Michael Stapleton, Vice President and General Manager, Informatics at PerkinElmer. “As the global leader in chemical drawing, we can now provide all chemists – from research scientists to high school students – with cost effective, portable and accessible applications that capture and share their moments of inspiration. Now everyone, from relative newcomers to the most experienced chemists, can quickly sketch and save ideas and then easily share them, bringing the power PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw and Chem3D technology to the fingertips of researchers.”

Morsch said Flick-to-Share is very easy to use. Students do not have to use a stylus or anything. They can just use the swipe of their fingertip for the magic to occur, regardless of geographic location.

To find out how to tap into the technology at PerkinElmer for your school, call 1-877-PKI-NYSE or visit Engage in the conversation online to keep up with how Flick-to-Share and other technology at PerkinElmer are breaking barriers of the scientific world at www.twitter.come/perkinelmernews.


Collegiate Career Coach’s Favorite Things

Each Wednesday we’re posting interviews of the cool gadgets that are being used at colleges and companies throughout the country. You’ll be amazed at all of the resources that are accessible to you and can really make your college career or the job you do at your workplace so much easier. So stay tuned each Wednesday!

College Student Shares Career Choice Anxiety

By Maria Elena Robles

For many students who are majoring in media, fine arts, photography, architecture, etc., finding a job after graduating for college is tough…or so I heard.

According to this article titled, “Don’t Let Your Kids Study These Majors,” by Danielle Blundell it states, “according to the Georgetown report, there’s a 12.6 percent rate of unemployment amongst recent graduates who majored in fine arts.”

Honestly, statistics like these allow me to doubt pursuing my goals. If this is for fine art majors, imagine what the statistics would be for fashion design students.

I remember coming to Burlington County College. I was so pumped and ready to learn how the fashion industry works. My fire was burning! Of course when anyone goes into something with the excitement I had, the result of becoming “burnt out” is can be a possibility.

My confidence level dropped so low like the stock markets in 08’. The fear of not being as great as my colleagues came to mind, as well as being screamed at by an authority in the fashion industry.

One of my instructors from BCC actually told me to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising instead because at least I would have a job. And in all in the midst of my doubt, confusion, stress, and depression, God was telling me to still go for fashion design.

I admit I do have concerns like seeing my high school classmates get a degree before I do or a full-time job before I do. I wondered, “How can I praise God with what I do?”

What I have learned is for someone to worship God doesn’t necessarily mean to raise my hands to the sky and sing. By using my gifts and talents is giving God praise and going to wherever He wants me to go.

So I do want to design clothing as a career, as well as do other artistic things like photography, crafting, jewelry, and maybe even teach. But I’m not sure whether to minor in business administration (to at least understand how business works) or minor in merchandising and textile. Merchandising includes business and fashion so I get the best of both worlds. I would also like to learn more about textiles and discover a way to use glass as a fiber again.

I’ve decided to take the fall semester off to work and earn money to attend Philadelphia University, find scholarships, and maybe take an accessories course at FIT in NY just to keep myself busy.

Yes, I could study for the areas that the article listed, get the income I would like to have, but what’s the point if all I’m going to do is wake up every morning and complain about my job? I don’t know about you but I want to live like every day is my first (not my last). Like babies, who come into the world, all they want to do is discover the environment that they’re in. I want to discover what God has to offer and have faith like a child.




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