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Essential Solutions for College Students in Job Market

No one is unaware about the United States economy being in the gutter. The unemployment rate is up and down the scale. And on top of it all, the government has officially shut down.

Regardless of these factors, it seems that college students, for the most part, seem to be surviving relatively well.

“I think it creates a lot of anxiousness,” Jayson Boyers, Managing Director at Vermont’s Champlain College, said about college students. “It raises the stakes for them.”

Boyers said the students he works with are using the conditions of the government as an opportunity. They are looking at starting their own businesses, working with gamming groups, participating in hack-a-thons with businesses, and getting internships much earlier in their college career.

“I think there’s an upside. Students are not taking it as victims,” Boyers said. “I think you’re seeing a line blur between college students and businesses. We’ve got to stop the echo chamber.”

The echo chamber, he explained, is the process of businesses telling colleges and universities what students need to be prepared for when they graduate, the colleges and universities preparing students for these things, businesses changing their standards, and then colleges and universities trying to keep up.

JED Foundation Medical Director, Dr. Victor Schwartz, said that according to last year’s statistics, 15 percent of college students experienced depression, 20 to 25 percent were diagnosed depressed, six to seven percent seriously thought about suicide, 30 to 35 percent were stressed out, and one percent attempted suicide.

While these statistics might seem drastic, Dr. Schwartz said they are actually better than the statistics for people of the same age group who are not enrolled in college with a support system to assist them.

Schools need to do the best they can about providing career opportunities. Those in the college community, Dr. Schwartz went on to suggest, need to identify students who appear to be out of the typical range and who show changes in self-care and behavior. Once these students are identified, they need to be directed to the departments and organizations with the resources to help them.

University of Houston Psychology Professor and Author of newly released book, Your Complete Guide to College Success, Dr. Donald J. Foss, said it still makes sense for students to proceed to college.

“There’s no doubt that students are stressed over money,” Dr. Foss said. “But the average income, the dollars and cents of it all, equals up to over a million bucks over a lifetime.”

To save money, he said, students should not delay their graduation date. Besides the added costs that colleges and universities cost in general, Dr. Foss said, a delayed graduation date will also delay the opportunity of a decent paying job.

In his book, Dr. Foss reveals four key areas college students must work on to be successful. He uses the acronym L.A.S.T., which represent coping with loneliness and isolation, taking action and avoiding alcohol and substance abuse, learning successful studying techniques, and managing time effectively.

For information on group workshops and one-on-one coaching that teaches students to become empowered to pursue their ideal career, visit or contact Mignon Brooks, Collegiate Career Coach, at (609) 932-0483.




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Popular Binge College Drinking Alternatives

An Alternative for Drinking

If you’re looking to improve your health or are looking for a way to enjoy yourself without any alcohol, here are some sober activities you can do.  

By Maria Elena Robles

Colleges have so much to offer! There’s the courses, food, and professors who care about your education. And did I forget anything? Oh yeah, wild parties! Going to a community college, I can’t say I’ve ever been to a college party, though I have heard the baseball players party as hard as they practice.

My friends have gone to a few parties. Some just chilled and socially drank with friends and others have admitted to binge drinking (under the age of 21).

According to the national surveys of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 90% of the alcohol consumed by youth under the age of 21 in the United States is in the form of binge drinks.

There are many facts and statistics that warn students about the consequences of binge drinking but of course it goes through one ear and out the other.

To celebrate a special occasion or hang out with family and friends you can:

·      Go to the park where the kids can play and adults can fish or talk

·      Watch a movie or theatrical play

·      Do some physical activities such as running, hiking, swimming, dancing, etc.

·      Enjoy a day at the beach

I turned 21 in early June of this year and had an awesome time with my friends and family without any alcohol. My birthday was on a Monday, so I had all weekend to celebrate. I went to Atlantic City, NJ with friends. We enjoyed lunch at an Italian restaurant, walked along the boardwalk, and soaked up some sun on the beach. The next day I visited family and had to work later that night. On Monday, my brother came from New Brunswick to celebrate my birthday with the family, and I was gifted with a pair of new running sneakers.

 I’ve only had one alcoholic beverage, if you can even say it’s alcoholic. It was Pina Colada with a little splash of Bacardi. I wasn’t tipsy; I didn’t even taste the Bacardi at all. I really don’t have a desire to drink in general. Honestly, I’d rather be active and be healthy than take shots.

Maybe to others sober activities can be pretty boring, but to celebrate your 21st birthday or graduation you don’t have to drink or inhale anything. Just try something different!


How To Stay In Contact With Friends And Family While Living Abroad

By Bianca Phelps

As I am in the US for my third year, of course I still think about my friends and family in Germany. Thanks to modern technology, it is much easier to stay in touch with each other than it used to be.

The main reason I joined Facebook was to stay in touch with people dear to my heart from home. Facebook is a place where you can maintain contact with everyone together. That way it is easy to keep on top of news and events. We are able to exchange pictures and videos.

Of course I miss hearing the voice of  my mom on a daily basis. A good way to at least get a weekly ratio is Skype. There we cannot just talk to each other but also see our faces. And all you need is an Internet connection. There are no unpleasant phone bill surprises at the end of the month. That is my second favorite part about that invention.

I visit Germany once a year. It is very important to stay in touch with my roots. Change happens very fast, and I feel that the whole city had a huge upgrade since the last time I was there.

Of course I love going home to see everybody in person. Nevertheless, it is also hard going back when I know that it is just for a short amount of time, and everybody will ask me to stay.

Those are the times when I am not sure I made the right decision by moving to the US. But then the same people are the ones encouraging me to continue my journey, and that is just what drives me.

As it is very easy to stay in contact, it is very hard to concentrate on my goals knowing that some of the people I want to celebrate with are not here with me. At the same time, it makes me want to work even harder. I want to make them proud of my achievements.

 I struggle sometimes to be without my German friends and family available at all times. Though, I know that they will always stand behind me no matter what.

This journey is not always easy, but it definitely made me more independent. I thought I was quite independent before I moved to the US.  Then I found out that you are truly independent once you have to do the unknown and sometimes scary things by yourself. Now I am not as afraid of new challenges as I was before.

Don’t Fret Help Is Here…..Has Always Been Here

College students Can be Overwhelmed with Workloads In and Out of School but Trust In God, and He Will Make Your Path Straight

By Maria Elena Robles

Working a part-time job at Burlington County College as a student worker and juggling classes as a fashion design student, I had a hard time finding time to relax and have fun. My mind was nothing but worries about the future, fear of criticism, and basically just negative thoughts.

And what was ironic about this issue was I’m a Christian. Looking back at this I think to myself, “Wow, there was no need for me to worry. He was here the whole entire time.”

Of course there were days and even weeks when I didn’t feel God’s presence, not because He didn’t want to bother with a stressed out person like me, but because I didn’t want to lose control of the wheel.

If you are having a hard time reconnecting with God through whatever storm you may be going through I really want to encourage you with these steps. Mind you, I’m no “Dr. Phil” or professional expert. I just want to share what I found helpful in my walk with the Lord.

1.) Listen to Worship Music

Take a break from whatever it is you are doing. Go to your room or an isolated area & get in the presence of the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit and your counselor). I used to listen a lot like “Pursuit,” by Jesus Culture and “Steady my Heart,” by Kari Jobe.

2.) Ask and You Shall Receive

Just like you would talk to a friend, talk to God about whatever it is your going through. If you’re stressed, ask for peace. If you need comfort,  ask for sympathy.

3.) Talk Your Problems Out with Someone Who Wants the Best for You

Going to Connect Church in Cherry Hill, NJ was very helpful. I met a lot of wonderful people who were willing to pray for me, took the time to hear me out, and gave me advice. The advice people gave me wasn’t always what I wanted to hear (such as trusting in God, stop procrastinating, being on time for class, etc.) but at the end it’s all I needed to do. If one part of the body suffers, the rest does as well.

4.) Think Positively

There are TONS of books about the power of positive thinking, one of those books include the Bible. Verses that we should keep stuck in own minds are verses like Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

5.) Make Time for Yourself

Just a reminder, He died so we can have life abundantly!!!

Go out! Hang with your friends; treat yourself to dinner; dance, but don’t do anything you’ll regret ;).  Proverbs 15:13 says, “A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.”

Overall, have faith for faith is having hope in that which we can’t see. Don’t expect God to be some type of genie who will grant you the wish to pass a test that you have not studied for. God does His part as a father. We should do our part in life as His children. Hope this encouraged not only college students, but anyone who is struggling to reconnect with God.


What do you do to distress from the hectic schedule of a college life?