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Emotions and Decision-Making for Students

America’s Psychiatrist, Media’s Psychiatrist, and Best Selling Author, Carole Liberman M.D., weighs in on how the unemployment rate and poor economy impacts decision-making for college students. She says:

“As a well known psychiatrist and author, who treats pre-college and
college students, I can answer your query.
The unemployment rate and poor economy is causing pre-college and
college students to feel depressed about their future.
Many shrug their shoulders and give up. Many opt for careers that
take  a shorter time to attain, since it feels like the extra years
won’t be  worth it in terms of financial success.
Most feel lost.
Students who had contemplated becoming physicians, for example, are
giving up their dream because they don’t want to deal with Obamacare
and socialized medicine.
Students who had contemplated becoming lawyers, for example, are
discouraged by the glut of lawyers and the realities of courts  closing
because of lack of funds.
There has been an epidemic of students returning home to live with
their parents because they can’t afford living in the dorm and/or
college tuition, or they can’t find a job after they
are graduated. The future looks bleak and many students are angry at
their parents’ generation and the government. These students often
fall into drug or alcohol addiction,
or escape into dead end jobs and dead end relationships.”

When asked how the college community and education activists can play a part in helping college students, she replied:

“The college community and/or education activists can help students  proceed with their dreams by giving lectures and organizing events  around inspirational topics, such as:

-Why choosing and following your passion should be based upon being  fulfilled by what you’re doing, not just upon what brings you material  wealth
-How to discover the simple pleasures in life
-If money can’t buy you happiness – how can you find it?
-How to choose a romantic partner based upon deeper values
-How to spot and avoid partners who are social climbers or gold-diggers”

For more information about Dr. Lieberman and her book Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Can Learn Their Secrets, visit www.drcarole.com or follow her Twitter page @DrCaroleMD.

Free Workshop Starts This Monday

Free Workshop Based on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


Mondays, September 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th

Time: 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Location: The Recovery Center

108 Somerdale Road

Voorhees, NJ 08043


By Completion of this Workshop, You Will Feel Empowered to Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs Through:


v   Becoming Impeccable With Your Word

v  Letting Go of Taking Things Personally

v  Ridding Yourself of Making Assumptions

v  Always Practicing to Do Your Best


Contact: Mignon Brooks (609) 932-0483 or mignonbrooks@collegiatecareercoach.com


Please come equipped with your own book. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz can be found at your local bookstore. Workbooks will be provided for you.

Life Skills in Education

About one month ago I went to go present to a board of education as to how important life skills are to be taught in the classrooms. Although many students learn life skills at home, many students do not. The select few of the board that showed up at the meeting told me not to use the words “life skills,” as it relates to education because it has a negative connotation. As an educator, it is my opinion that avoiding life skills in the way we act in the classroom and in the way in the way that we teach is unavoidable. Students, whether in the classroom or outside of it, will encounter changes, decisions, LIFE. Yes, I know wholeheartedly that skills need to be taught. I have had too many college students come into the classroom without basic reading and writing skills. But we cannot just point fingers as to whose responsibility it is to teach what. It takes all of us – parents, educators, mentors, life coaches, guidance counselors, neighbors, etc. The list can go on and on. Instead of pointing fingers, jump in and lend a helping hand to anyone – including yourself. We are all lifetime students.

Give and Ye Shall Receive

Since I’ve moved to Orlando, I’ve been working with high school students to help them stay focused in achieving their dreams. I donated my services for free because I already knew that their families were struggling financially, much like many families throughout the country. I, just like many of you, have financial responsibilities of my own but to see how much these students have blossomed during my time working with them has truly been a blessing and a learning opportunity for myself.

School starts for these students on Monday and in order for these three kids to be able to afford their books, I’m asking for donations of any amount. I’ve personally donated and hope you will too. If you are interested in making a contribution to the children of our future, please contact me at mignonbrooks@collegiatecareercoach.com. I will give you the direct website to the school, and you can make your donation right online.

How Giving Impacts Your Life

When you open your heart to giving even the smallest amount you can afford, the world opens opportunities up for you. You’ll be surprised as to how things you are seeking in your own life will present itself in a way you could have never possibly imagined.

Yesterday after I donated an extra $25 on top of what I had already donated to the students I’ve been working with this summer, I wondered if I’d be able to afford one of my own expenses. It was an absolute blessing to find out that the woman I owed money to did not charge me half of what I expected to pay. I was astonished. Ever since I’ve opened up my heart to give, occurrences like this have been happening to me on a regular basis.

Giving is not always monetary. As I said in the beginning of this blog, I donated my coaching services to students. You can give love to someone who might feel they are alone. Every time you smile at someone, you radiate a positive energy that contributes to someone’s day. You can give someone a listening ear when they need someone to talk to. The possibilities are endless.

Be open to giving, and you’ll be surprised as to how it will impact your life in return!

Did You See Turning Around Negative Self Talk on Dream Purposeful Phenomenon Tuesday Night? Catch the Recorded Version Now!

Research shows that a person has anywhere up to 60,000 thoughts per day. The thing about these thoughts of ours is that most of them are the same 60,000 thoughts from day to day. The question is: what are you thinking about?

In our current society, most people’s thoughts are centered around worry, fear, and stress over a variety of topics. We worry about work. We worry about school. We worry about family and other close relationships. And the list could go on. A lot of that worry and fear stems from how we feel about ourselves.

Learn the five steps to building positive affirmations for yourself and your life. Watch the recorded version at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/create-the-career-of-your-dreams-phenomenon.